SANDWICH SPOT 101 - The Sauces

I WAS TOLD that one of the most confusing elements of The Sandwich Spot Palm Springs menu is the sauces. This primer is a benevolent outreach to educate hyphy Sandwich Spotters on the intricacies of the unguents with which we anoint our beautiful sandwich creations. First though, some misconception clarifications:

  • Bomb Sauce and Secret Sauce are two different sauces.
  • Secret Sauce has nothing to do with the mayonnaise based spreads used at America’s beloved fast food meccas.
  • Secret Sauce contains no dairy products or citrus.
  • One can have any sauce on any sandwich even if it is not listed on the sandwich description.

Now, here are the vague descriptions for our signature sauces including the spectacular new Bruno Sauce

  • Bomb Sauce-buttermilk ranch dressing, jalapenos and Frank’s Hot Sauce blended like a tornado into silken perfection.
  • Secret Sauce-extra virgin olive oil,various unnamed herbs, garlic.
  • Bruno Sauce- garlic aioli, sriracha in unspecified proportions.

Now all Sandwich Spotters can rest easy having been schooled on sauceology of the SS Palm Springs. Please join us soon to take the SS Sauce test which may earn you a free cookie.